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Shahsons Precision Engineering offers cap lining services for plastic closures / caps.
i.e insertion of the seals inside the caps
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Induction seal liners

Two piece induction seal liner

One piece induction seal liner

Conduction heat seal liner

two peice liner.png

In two piece liner, the backing and wax bond are separated from Aluminium foil and heat seal when the closure is opened.

one perice liner.png

In one piece liner, the backing, aluminium foil and heat seal retains with the closure when the closure is opened.

Conduction Sealing Versus Induction Sealing
Heat surface (platen) makes direct contact with foil seal.
Its purpose is to cause the foil seal to become hot and the heat seal laminate to be activated.
Pressure, temperature and dwell time are key variables to properly seal container
Most commonly used as a non-contact method of heating an inner-seal
Uses an electromagnetic field to energize conductor
The energized electromagnetic field causes the foil seal to become hot activating the laminate
Next, pressure is applied to form a bond between the seal and the container
Most commonly used when there is a foil seal underneath and over-cap

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